The Coming Salvation From The Works Of Collective Society



While the Church Slept

     In our pre-occupation with studying the Church's 470 year Restoration and Her internal ills through false kingdom teaching, we have temporarily lost sight of the progress of satan's drive for world collectivization. It is time to go back and see what has happened while the Church has slept in Babylon's arms.


     Despite the Restoring of the Church since 1517, progress toward complete human globalization has continued unabated. Where possible, Satan has recouped the losses he has suffered due to the Church's re-awakening. Through false kingdom teaching, he has led the Church to unwittingly reinvest Her restoring life back into the process of collectivization while letting Her believe She has been fighting that process. Through the strategy of redefining God's kingdom in babylonian terms, he has harnessed his deadliest source of opposition into his most valuable resource. Without Her knowledge, the Restoring Church has been made the number one energy supply for sustaining the globalist quest.


     Before tracing the course of this reality in history, we need to understand the nature of satanic administration. Satan is not a creator. He is not an originator. To advance his ends he must copy and counterfeit what God has first made.1 In the case at hand, the satanic kingdom and quest for globalization are imitations of God's kingdom. Similarly, false kingdom teaching is a corruption of the true Gospel of the Kingdom.


     Not only is satan not an originator. He also has no life in himself to sustain his works. For this he must siphon off and redirect the Life of God to energize his purposes. The restoring life of the Church of Jesus Christ is just such a ready source. The more satan has been able to divert this life, the more he has been able to accelerate the pace toward globalization. His successful diversion of the Church's restoring life back into Euro-American babylonianism over the last 470 years accounts for the dramatic parallel acceleration toward globalization since 1517. Let's look at the details.



European Colonization


     Wherever the Life of God is restored to His People, it brings peripheral blessing to the surrounding unbelieving world in terms of increased natural prosperity and individual liberty. Scripture abounds with examples and types of this. The presence of Jacob brought blessing to Laban.2 The presence of Joseph brought blessing to the Egyptians.3 The presence of the Ark brought blessing to the house of Obed-Edom.4 Similarly, as the Church has been restoring, Her life has brought marginal blessing to those nations that have served as the host sites for Restoration.


     This reality, however, has proved fatal to the emerging Church. As the surrounding collective societies began benefiting from the side-effects of the Church's Restoration, false kingdom teaching led the Church to impute a measure of "righteousness" to these societies (though that "righteousness" was only a reflection of the Church's true inward righteousness). In turn, the Church was led into actively investing Her life directly back into these societies, preventing Her from ever leaving Her confines to fulfil the Great Commission.


     This is precisely what happened in Europe through the Reformation. As the Reformation dawned, European nations began tasting of the marginal blessings in their societies. Social reforms occurred. The Church took the improvements as evidence of some intrinsic righteousness in the societies themselves and began pouring Her life into preserving these societies instead of dismantling them.


     As a result, this diverted life became the power source for exporting European collective society around the world. The nations of Europe, backed by the life of their state churches, began colonizing the world. They began settling uninhabited areas and converting much looser confederations of native peoples over to European brands of collective government, economy, and culture. (This was called "civilization.”)


     The European drive for colonization actually preceded the Reformation by about thirty years. The Romanized nations of Spain and Portugal, backed by the "Church,” began colonizing South and Central America. Eventually, most of the nations of Europe entered the race for colonization—Italy, France, Holland, Germany.


      By the turn of 1600 however, the torch of naval power passed to a nation invaded by the life of the Reformation—Great Britain. Great Britain came to be the nation most blessed as a result of the Reformation, and at once the greatest world empire builder in Nimrod's image. Truly, the sun of Constantine never set on the British Empire.


     In the 400 years between the Reformation and World War I, European babylonian society was carried to every corner of the world. At the heart of that spread was the state church. Supported by the diverted life of the restoring Gospel, satan made tremendous strides toward fulfiling his own "great commission.”5



The American Empire


     Not only is satan an imitator, and not only must he draw upon the diverted Life of God to sustain his purpose, but satan follows behind the work of God as closely as possible. Wherever God is, there satan seeks to be. Wherever God plants His work, there satan plants his.6 In Scripture we see satan aspiring to set his throne where the throne of God is.7 In the New Testament, we see satan dogging the steps of Paul in Philippi through a divining sorceress.8 It comes as no surprise then that when God shifted the site for the Church's Restoration to North America after the Reformation, thereto satan moved his command centre for directing the drive for collectivization.


     The crowning achievement of satan's strategy came in America when he succeeded at harnessing the life of the Church to a cart of collective society which the Church Herself built from scratch. If a horse could design his own cart to pull, surely such a cart would be so perfectly suited to him as to be able to be pulled further than any cart designed by a man. This analogy precisely describes what happened in America between the Church and babylonianism.


     Unlike the Church in Europe, the Church in America had placed before Her the opportunity to build Her own brand of collective society. This apple had no worms, but was still from the forbidden tree. The proposed society would possess more qualities of the true kingdom of God than any other before it. Yet it would still be a collective society.  


     Because this society would be specially designed to run on the diverted life of the Church, it would be able to spread the gospel of collectivization further than any society before it. Why, the sheer genius of it was that it would not look like a collective society at all. Because the Church was building it, it would be free "up front" from the more ugly elements of all preceding collective societies—the repression, the torture, the totalitarian elements. It would look so good in fact that men would think it could endure forever. Therefore they would worship it as God—not by force (as in the past), but by choice! So it was that satan carefully seduced the Church in America into conceiving the first ever "Made in Heaven" brand of collective babylonian society.


      In 1787, after a bloody seven year war to sever its umbilical cord from England, the newborn society set sail on the sea of humanity. A new image of Nimrod was raised in the earth which had never before been seen. This image wore a smile rather than a frown. It had all the looks of a lamb though it spoke like a dragon.9 The new image not merely reflected the blessings of the Restoring Church but enshrined them—values such as the freedom and worth of the individual, the right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. On that day, the Church breathed Her life into this new image of Nimrod that looked more like Jesus—and the world worshipped. Its name?


The Constitution of the United States of America


     The new American form of collective society (called Republican Democracy) became the envy of all the world. Its believers and political disciples became dedicated to spreading it over land and sea. Where the more overtly hostile forms of babylonian society had failed, lamb-like American society succeeded. What the devil could not win by force, he won by seduction.


     The spread of American babylonianism was accomplished through a strange combination of factors. On one hand it was serviced by the proponents of the true Kingdom Gospel (i.e., missionaries) who went out to other lands. But it was also serviced by world trade and the greed for gain. Then again it was serviced by two world wars in the name of freedom, democracy, and all the borrowed values from God's salvation for which it claimed to stand. In any case, so successful was American-style collective society that by the mid 20th century, not one parcel of land on earth remained free from the jurisdiction of some babylonian society.


     The secret to the success of American collectivization was and is the Church. Similarly to Europe, the Church imputed Her righteousness to American mankind which partook of Her blessings. But beyond the example of Europe, She actually created the republican-democratic framework for the American society and then turned to impute Her righteousness to it as well. The new form of government became adored as God. Together, American government and society quickly upstaged the true Gospel as "the last best hope for man on earth"—not only in the world's eyes, but in the eyes of God's own People!


     The Church continued breathing Her life into this new image of Her making. At home, the Church entrenched Herself into slavish devotion to preserving American babylonianism (as we already studied). Abroad, American missionaries of the Church went out over the globe carrying the mixed message of salvation by grace and salvation by the "American Dream.” Instead of leading the world out of their own babylonian societies, American missionaries diverted their spiritual life into converting the peoples of the earth to American brand babylonianism through "democracy.” They transplanted American fixed economy and culture everywhere they went.


     Over the generations since America was founded, however, the facade of "Christian society" and benign collectivism has begun peeling. The true hidden satanic nature behind American collectivism has begun to wear through within and without.10 Internally, what was once incontestably considered to be a "Christian society" has given way to a spirit of secularization and creeping socialism supported by the doctrines of secular humanism. America has become invaded by third-world religions and occult phenomena under the intangible umbrella called the "New Age" movement. This movement is finding sustenance by the redirected life of the Charismatic Renewal under the gospel of "Positive Thinking.”11 The nation has now become home to every unclean bird and hateful thing.12


     Externally, America, which once appeared to be the world protector of the rights of the individual, has become the clear hand-in-glove partner with World Communism in preparing the way for marxist-style collectivization of the third world (Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central America). As satan's hidden world seat for promoting global government, the United States has directly or indirectly spawned all the forces of the last three centuries toward complete globalization. Today, behind its benign image of "democracy,” the United States is home to numerous secret political organizations, commercial institutions, and religious orders dedicated to achieving world government and who wield the true power behind the governments of the world. The U.S. dollar has become the recognized standard medium of exchange for world trade. Meanwhile, English has become the world language of diplomacy and commerce, overcoming the language barrier imposed by God on Nimrod's first society.


     Thanks to the "American Dream" and its work-horse, the Church, never has the world been nearer to its ultimate goal.



The Soviet Empire


     The lie behind the false image of American Babylonianism could not be hid forever. The truth that American society and republican-democracy were subject to the same evils of all collective society had to come out. But when the truth came out, it was bound to produce a reaction of deepest revulsion in those who saw through the facade. For behind the facade of freedom was the story of another kind of slavery and moral evil. This was the story of exploitation of the poor by the rich13, and the moral evils of greed, corruption, and vice that followed the American capitalism wherever it went. As well, the slaughter of Indians14 and the enslavement of blacks15 also cried out from behind the image of the American Dream.


     In the mid-19th century, a number of Europeans revolted against the "Euro-American Gospel.” Their doctrine of revolt wrought chaos throughout Europe. With their revolt was a vision of a "pure" world babylonian empire free from the injustices of the unregulated quest for wealth, free from the moral vices and decadence of Euro-American babylonianism. The new empire they envisioned would be free from all vestiges of God and Church which (as they saw it) were responsible for corrupt western babylonianism.


     In 1917, with the help of hidden forces of globalization seated in America and Europe, the empire of World Communism was planted in Russia. Contrasted to the covertness of benign western babylonianism, the new Soviet brand carried no hidden agenda. Its announced intention from the start was and remains the establishment of atheistic, totalitarian collectivization of the world through class struggle and military revolution.16 The specific aim of the Soviet empire has been the ultimate encirclement and annihilation of the "false" babylonianism of America.


     Today, World Communism is the greatest overt force for complete globalization ever known to man. Under its oppressions and tortures, the Church in the East has suffered miserably.17 At the same time however, the eastern Church has entered a much greater measure of salvation from the works of the world. Many are those who will rise from the ranks of the eastern Church to overcome the final global beast at the last battle and reign with Jesus at His return.



The Coming Merger


     What has appeared a mystery is how the atheistic Soviet Empire—so contrary to natural law that its system cannot feed its own people—has managed to directly or indirectly control nearly half the world in its short 70 year history. The answer is that the Soviet Empire has been secretly and not so secretly supplied throughout its lifespan by the hidden powers behind the benign American Empire.


     But why would the American Empire supply its life to support an empire that has avowed to destroy it? It is because the true forces behind American babylonianism have never favoured the useful facade of republican-democracy. Their only goal has ever been world collectivization. When it was ripe for them to birth and nurture through American life an empire dedicated to a collectivization that more truly reflected the satanic nature, they did so. And when in their eyes the facade of republican-democracy has outlived its usefulness, they will abandon it altogether.


     It is no irony therefore that the empire of world communism has always been sustained by the life of the empire it has vowed to destroy. The father of world collectivization is author of them both. From his hidden seat in America, the spirit of Nimrod has cleverly used the diverted life of one empire to sustain the other. Through their apparent antagonism he has used them as a giant pincer movement. He has used the fear of one to drive men into the arms of the other until all men have been taken captive by one or the other. The crowning of the satanic strategy will be the mergence of these two great world empires into a coalition that will complete the drive for globalization.


     The irony is not that Soviet and American babylonianism are headed for merger despite their enmity or that they are directed by the same force seated in America. The irony is that the Life-support system for both these empires (and hence for the entire world drive for collectivization) is the diverted Life of the restoring church of Jesus Christ in America.


     Does that sound preposterous? Consider well. The Soviet Empire has no life but what is diverted from the American Empire and the American Empire has no life but what is diverted from the Restoring Church. This makes the Church the source and supplier of life for all world collectivization!


     But the tragic irony does not stop there. For in Her fear of World Communism, the Church does not see Her evil and divest Herself of Her babylonian ties. Instead, She redoubles Her support for the American Empire she created, feeding all the more the Soviet Empire She hates. Through Her deceived false kingdom teaching, the Church pours Her life into the frankenstonian monster She indirectly created and now dreads, tightening the noose ever more tightly about Her own neck.18


     Many are there in the Church in America who see the evil of World Communism. Many are there who even see through to the powers in America behind the push for globalism: the world banks, the elite political "think-tanks,” the secret religious orders. So what does the Church do? She fights all the harder to sustain the false image of American babylonianism. She works to "purify" republican-democracy. She works to "restore" the U.S. Constitution which counterfeits Her Gospel. She strives to "bring America back" to her "Christian heritage.” The Church writes letters to Her babylonian congressmen and presidents. She creates political-action committees. The Church writes books and newsletters to "expose" the works of the elite internationalist organizations and secret societies. The Church even enters into coalitions with avowed enemies of the basic Gospel She preaches to try to "save America.”19


     All to no avail. And why? It is because the Church does not recognize that all collective society has one source; and that to support it in its lamb-like American form is to support it in its dragon-like Soviet form; and that to pour life into any of its forms is to advance the cause of globalism.


     Thus, in the greatest coup d'etat ever staged in earth, the Restoring Church in Euro-America has been made the work horse for the process She was recommissioned to destroy. It was this reality Paul had in view when he spoke of the "mystery of iniquity" which would ultimately prepare the way for the man of sin, the last Nimrod.20


     What is the true solution? What will stop the internationalist conspiracy? What will bring down World Communism and all babylonianism? There is but one manifold answer:

·        It is for the Church to cease pouring Her life back into preserving American babylonianism and thereby cut off the energy supply for satan's drive;

·        It is for the Church to get out of Babylon, to "come out from among her and be ye separate"21 and go fulfil the Great Commission.

·        It is for the Church to become saved from the dead works of human economy and social community.





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