The Coming Salvation From The Works Of Collective Society



The Coming Salvation from the Works of Collective Society,

and the Climax of History

     But what must God do to save His People from their sins? The answer is He must judge their sins. The pattern for this judgment is the very first pattern we saw at the beginning.



Pattern for Judgment Revisited


     At the beginning we saw that it is God's will for mankind to remain dispersed over the face of the earth. When man refused to remain dispersed, God executed judgment upon his society and scattered man Himself.1 This initiated the pattern of judgment by scattering, a judgment that has befallen every world empire to the present. (The destruction of American and Soviet collectivism remains on the horizon.)2


     A new twist was incorporated into this judgment when Old Israel became the first called-out People of God to revert back to babylonian society. Because they became collective, they became subject to the same judgment as the world. But because they had been first called-out, God ordained that the judgment of His People should come first3 and that it should come from the very societies they had stooped to emulate. To this day, when the called-out People of God have become settled "like the nations,” He has ordained their dispersal by those nations.4


     Old Israel was judged and scattered by Assyria and Babylon.5 Likewise, the New Israel of God's Restoring Church will be judged and dispersed by the very babylonian societies She created. Because the Church failed to disperse to fulfil the Great Commission6, He will use the Daughter of Babylon She conceived to force Her to.


     But there is a mystery to be seen here. For in the brilliance of God's inscrutable wisdom, the coming judgment by scattering of the American Church will at one and the same time be the means of the salvation of His truest People from the works of fixed society. The judgment of His People's sins will turn to the salvation of His People from their sins.7


     For whom will the coming scattering be judgment and for whom will it be salvation? Ah! We have already answered that. For the coming judgment by scattering is also the threshing process we described which will separate the wheat from the chaff in the Church.8 For the chaff, the coming scattering will be judgment. For the wheat however, the coming scattering will be their salvation from Egypt!


     Yes, dear Relative. The judgment to scatter the Church, the threshing to separate wheat from chaff in the body and in each man, the salvation from the dead works of collective society—these are all the one and same event. And when it appears, it will remove the 2,000 year veil of confusion concerning the identity of the True Church of Jesus Christ in the earth.9 So will the kingdom of Jesus Christ appear and the authority of the manifested sons of God.



The Consummation of Globalism and the Last Nimrod


     The merger of the two goliath world empires, West and East, continues on course. Steered by the hidden occultic forces behind the veil of the Romanized Church, and propelled by the redirected life of the Restoring Church, its progress continues unimpeded.


     At the pivotal moment in the merging process, the man for whom all history has waited shall step forward on the world stage to bring it to completion.10 Rising from the hidden seat of globalism in America11, he will be the incarnate fulfilment of the lamb who speaks like a dragon, leading the world into submission to the world beast of sovietized society.12 Becoming all things to all men, he will accomplish the miraculous accord13 among the nations that promises (for a time) to establish the next millennium of peace and safety14  on earth. He will fulfil their image of the coming messiah. He will establish himself through the achievement of a number of incredible false miracles.15 Consider:


He will apparently abolish the enmity between the two great babylonian empires, making of twain one new empire.16 With the horns of a lamb and the voice of a dragon, he will lead the "free world" into accord with the Soviet Bloc, appearing to usher in the era when the lamb and lion may lie down together in peace.


He will bring to complete establishment the long-awaited resurrection17 of the Holy Roman Empire extended to include America and Asia. He will be hailed as the successor to the Roman Caesars, uniting east and west, north and south. Not only will Washington be joined to Moscow, but Rome will be joined to Berlin. In special significance after the tradition of Otto the Great, he will bring to union the two Germanies at Berlin with the words, "Ich bin ein Berliner!" In short, he will reconcile all the world's political and economic systems into a cooperative socialistic unit.


Behind the veil of the world-wide Roman Church system, and under the corresponding umbrella of the New Age Movement18, the man of sin will bring false kingdom teaching to its zenith of deceptive perfection.19  In Jesus' name (and that of all other gods), he will work the false miracle of conciliating all the world religions. He will be received as the "Messiah" by all who have looked for the kingdom of God to appear on earth in the form of fixed babylonian society, including many in the Restoring Church in America.20


Above all, he will cap his false miracles by working the final peace accord between world babylonianism and world Zionism seated in Jerusalem. He will settle the age long "Jewish Question.” He will complete the development of the babylonian Jewish state inaugurated in 1948. Completing its merger with America (under whose wing it has been nourished by the diverted life of the Church there) he will establish a new temple for babylonian Judaism21 and will act to move his world capital to Jerusalem.22 For this, and for appearing to resolve enmity between Arab and Jew, world Judaism too will receive this man as the long awaited "Messiah"—even by the children of those who said, "We have no king but Caesar."23 He will crown his blasphemy by sitting in the temple—both the temple of old babylonian Judaism, and the temple of new babylonian Christianity—and declare himself to be God.24


     Thus will the last King of Babylon arise to complete the drive for world collectivization begun under his ancestor Nimrod. For a brief period it will seem that the satanic drive succeeded after all, and that the strategy of God to overcome it failed. The body of the Church will lie dead and buried for "3 days" under the crushing foot of this last empire.



Death That Produces Life, Persecution That Produces Salvation


     In spite of the peace that the false messiah will work among the religious and political babylonian societies of the earth, he will yet be up against one remaining enemy. He will be challenged by all those of the True Church who deny that the kingdom of God is a kingdom like unto the nations.


     All who declare this will be a threat to the entire world babylonian order the false messiah seeks to establish. For this, the full weight of world babylonianism will turn to stamp out the Restoring Church.25 The beast of western society will particularly turn on the partially Restored Church who has ridden it all the centuries of Her Restoration. Thus will drop upon the Church (especially the American Church) the sword of judgment, scattering, threshing, and salvation.26


     What is that sword? The false messiah will require the renunciation of allegiances by all mankind to any other kingdom but that of world babylonianism. Fulfilling a precedent by the earlier babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, he will require the entire world to worship before his image of collectivized society under his headship.27  Whoever speaks in terms of a kingdom of God must do so in terms of the new empire with himself as the deity by whatever name—Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc.28  Any man who refuses to conform his definition of God's kingdom to the new world order will be barred from participation in the world economy and exterminated.29  The preaching of Jesus Christ in terms of a spiritual kingdom outside reference to the false messiah will be a specially grave capital offense.30


     So it is that the sword of judgment which begins at the house of God will be dropped by none other than the man of sin, fulfiling the everlasting pattern. The body of the Restoring Church will be cast into the fiery furnace of world tribulation. As the sword drops and the fire issues forth, the identity of the True Church within the Church will appear with drastic swiftness. The wheat will be separated from the chaff. Those who are wheat with chaff remaining will see it burned away. Those who are completely chaff will not be able to stand.


     For those who are completely chaff, who have clung to the Restoring Church but have never known true Life, the sword of persecution will at first be no problem. They will have no qualms in supporting the new world church and hailing the new "messiah.”31 Moreover they will be happy to help in the persecution of the "fanatics.”32 They will have no conscience about turning former pastors and brethren over to the authorities. Their burning will come later when the beast government actually turns to destroy the world church.33


     The persecution will also be no problem for those in the bosom of the Restoring Church who, despite the surrounding Church's harlotry with Euro-American society, pressed on to obtain their salvation from the works of the world while the Church mocked. For these who persevered to outgrow their own chaff and maintain their identity as wheat34, the persecution will not be pleasant, but it will be no problem.35 After all, it is difficult to confiscate the possessions of those who own nothing. It is difficult to uproot from their homes those who have no certain dwelling place. It is difficult to kill those who have already covenanted their life over to God by sacrifice.36


     No. For the wheat, the sword of tribulation and the furnace of affliction will be their salvation. They will be officially liberated from the works of Babylon they detested all along. In their liberation37 they will go to the ends of the earth to fulfil the Great Commission in power and anointing.38 Their threshing will be their flight from Egypt. Under the protection39 of their God they will fly with eagle's wings into the wildernesses40 of the earth where God will nourish them three and one half years. There they shall abide till their harvest41 be come and the calamity be overpassed.42


     But to the mixed partly-saved multitude in the Church, the sword of threshing will produce incredible consternation. Because of the remaining chaff in their lives, they will be put to great anguish. All those in the professing Church from Rome to Tulsa will be faced with the most trouble-fraught decision of their lives. As they are forced to cede their brick-and-mortar temples over to the world church, will they face up to their false kingdom teaching at last, or will they talk themselves into receiving the mark of the New Age Jesus and his beast?


     For some, the pain of being forced to flee their "Made in U.S.A." ministries with their cushy salaries will be too great to overcome. These are they who spent their lives trying to preserve the American "kingdom of God.” They will be unable to bring themselves to admit that they devoted their lives to a false cause and are responsible for ushering in the world empire they claimed to be fighting. They will justify compromise with the new order. Some in their agony will commit suicide.


     In that day, the strangest religious bedfellows will be found together supporting the new "kingdom"—Roman Catholics, conservative Charismatics, Evangelicals, and Fundamentalists. Those American babylonian ministers who most assuredly swore they would never support the new order and who condemned the Roman Church for bringing it to pass will find themselves bowing down to the new image. The sword of threshing will cut across every false visible line presently used to discern the "faithful" from the "apostates.” Because of their chaff through their worship of the American Dream, they will fall away like flies from every fixed denomination and assembly to worship the new system.


     Others, however, will find the grace to repent and flee—but only at great sacrifice. To stay true they will be forced to give up their houses and lands, jobs and community ties, families and friends. These will move on into final salvation when the threshing hits. They will realize late, but not too late, that they spent their lives on a false cause. They will confess their sins of supporting American babylonianism and bringing about the new order they claimed to abhor. The greater the fixation of their ministry in society, the greater the loss they will suffer as they leave behind financial empires and stone temples. But they will be saved43—so as by fire, even as Lot.44 They will not take the mark. They will be revealed together with the true scattered Church.


     Overnight, the world leadership of the completely Restored Church will pass from the well-known American Church leaders with their glossy media-based ministries. It will pass to the obscure wheat who moved on faithfully, silently behind the stage of American "bread and circuses" Christianity.45 It is these who like Moses have been prepared by God, "outside the camp" in their private wildernesses, to lead the totally Restored Church through its "three day graveyard shift.”46



The Overthrow of the World Empire and the Return of Jesus Christ


     The Church's desolation47  under the last king of Babylon will rage three and one half years.48 But in the consummating revelation of God's inscrutable wisdom, what the world meant for the Church's destruction God has ordained to the Church's completed salvation. Through their salvation, God has in turn ordained the final overthrow of world babylonianism and the return of Jesus Christ.


     In attacking the Church through whose diverted life he built his empire, satan will cut off the only life support system for his empire. At the same time, his attack on the Church will raise the Church's life to a new level that can no longer be diverted. By that undivertable life, the completely Restored Church will rise to destroy satan's now starving empire.49  The judgment that began at the house of God will eventuate in the judgment that ends the house of satan. The heel satan bruised will rise to destroy his head.50


     As Daniel's three friends were thrown into the furnace51, so in that day of fiery trial will God's People enter into their three-fold perfection.52 Through their intense undivertable intercession, they will succeed in breaking the back of babylonianism.53  In their scattering, they will take the complete three-fold Kingdom Gospel to the ends of the earth, fulfiling the Great Commission at last.54 There, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony55 they will undermine the satanic hierarchy over every city, producing its downfall. By the end of their "shift,” they will have ripened enough to be harvested into the clouds56 by Him who has the sharp sickle.57 Their enemies will look on in amazement.58


     As soon as they leave, the force of their intercessions against the world system will be unleashed. The great winepress judgment of God will begin.59  Devoid of further life upon which to draw, the world coalition of the man of sin will quickly disintegrate.60 The antagonistic babylonian empires will degenerate to destroy one another.61  The harlot babylonian empire in the west will be utterly burned with nuclear fire by the communistic empire in the east.62  Together, all the cities of the nations will fall through their pact of mutually assured atomic destruction.63  God's final judgment on babylonianism64 and His vengeance on it for His People's sake will be complete.65 So will be accomplished the fulfilment of Nebuchadnezzar's dream foretelling the destruction of the image of world babylonianism by the Church of Jesus Christ, the stone not made with hands—the rock against which the gates of hell would not prevail.66


     In that day of God's great wrath, the Hebrews too will come into salvation by faith out of the great holocaust they shall incur from the man of sin when he turns to destroy them.67 Having asked for Caesar unto their own destruction, their eyes will be opened to their sin of the rejection of Jesus.68 Then shall all Israel be saved—Old and New together.69 So shall the King of Kings return to assume His throne70 prepared by His People—Lord Jesus Christ, Sole Master of the Universe.71 


     Thus ends the 4,500 year war for control of the earth through collectivization. Thus is completed the total salvation of the People of God.


     Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.72

[*NOTE: Dec. 2010: At face value, this prophecy would appear to be false. The reference to "Ich bin ein Berliner" is a quote from U.S. President John F. Kennedy given at the Berlin Wall on June 26, 1963. Twenty-four years later, on June 12, 1987, and within a few weeks if not days of the first penning of this manuscript, U.S. President Ronald Reagan issued his "tear down this wall" speech at the same location. Within approximately 3 1/2 years of that speech and this writing (the end of 1990) the wall was down and the two Berlins and Germanies were re-united. However, barring a miraculous resurrection (which is not impossible), neither U.S. President would appear to be the Man of Sin referred to in this teaching having effected this reunion. If not, but and if the teaching is yet somehow prophetically accurate, then it is possible that the Lord's perspective on the Man of Sin as a U.S. President may be in terms of a collective "generational man" inhabiting that office, one whose finally revealed personality remains to be seen, but to whom may still be applied Kennedy's words and Reagan's effects already accomplished.]  




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