First Love Ministry publishes the contemporary revelation of Chris Anderson and others toward discovery of a greater paradigm of God--this as the Lord's bondslaves prepare for rendezvous with Immortality through a new encounter with our Living Lord Jesus Christ unlike any the world has ever before witnessed.

Chris Anderson is a worshipper and free-lance prophetic writer dedicated to fostering disciple-class intimacy with Jesus Christ and the expansion of His authority in the earth through the power of worship and apostolic teaching. As a prophetic writer, Chris is particularly called to discover and impart God's present truth for helping believers perfect spiritual relationship with the Lord, fulfill personal destiny, and obtain their ultimate inheritance in Christ through eternal physical life.

An observer of spiritual events and trends, Chris is not identified with any specific prophetic stream, movement or denomination. He maintains personal fellowship among the scattered sheep in the Bristol County, Rhode Island / Massachusetts areas, and is open to counsel from those of like vision and faith.

Chris lives with his wife Sue in New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island. (For a more in depth bio, you may click here. For information on being added to the First Love Circle of Readers, please click here.)

You can reach Chris and Sue by email at:


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