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Chris and Sue Anderson

"My soul followeth hard after Thee; Thy right hand upholdeth me." Ps. 63:8

Converted in 1968 at age 12, Chris Anderson began his sojourn in Christ in the fundamentalist movement. Eventually graduating from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina with degrees in Piano Pedagogy and Educational Administration, he was able to consider himself a true "fundamentalist of the fundamentalists." As a young student, he was also active in various Christian conservative political movements before the days of the Moral Majority.

After years of struggle over deep emotional trials for which his Bible knowledge and ministry activism offered no deliverance, Chris was cornered through desperation into a revolutionizing encounter with the victorious sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit's baptism in 1976. This release into the full experiential love of Christ together with the Spirit's activation of His latent prophetic nature forever altered Chris' life. Thus began a relentless hunt for the whole truth about the Lord's ways and work through the church today.

The earliest days of this search were nurtured by the writings of A.W. Tozer and other deeper life writers. Chris was especially helped by the ministry of Joseph Carroll and the friends at Evangelical Institute of Greenville, South Carolina, to whom he remains forever indebted for insight and initial support.

To satisfy his hunger for the Lord's full revelation in His people today, Chris had to eventually depart the confines of fundamentalism. Settling in the Maritime Canadian provinces (1979), he dedicated the next 10 years to investigating first-hand as many Spirit-filled and other leading North American evangelical Christian ministries as possible.

The "80's sojourn" led Chris through camps as diverse as the Plymouth Brethren; the Shepherdship, Word-of-Faith, and various other charismatic streams; and a plethora of "wilderness" prophetic groups descended from the Latter Rain Movement. He was especially inspired by the revelatory teachings of the late prophet Leland Earls, becoming gripped by a sense of the Lord's imminent return and a galvanized hope for obtaining the promise of glorified life.

In this period, Chris was personally released into the fuller anointings of contemporary worship, personal prophecy and deliverance ministry. This occurred with the gracious help of Dominion Community Church and Pastor Jerry Hester of Greer, South Carolina—and in conjunction with the ministry of Christian International. At this time, Chris was also led into studying and practicing non-establishment Christian life alternatives, especially home schooling and alternative medicines.

In 1988, Chris released his first teaching "circulation letter" among the friends and acquaintances he had made along the way, networking numerous "outside the mainstream" families from South Carolina and the Midwest to Nova Scotia, Canada in the truths of First Love with a special emphasis on perfecting the individual believer's heart toward fulfillment of personal destiny in Christ.

Shortly thereafter he "returned from the wilderness" to become established at the late Faith Christian Center in Bedford, New Hampshire. Here he served for nearly 7 years as chief musician, also meeting and marrying FCC's faithful office administrator of 11 years, Sue Schmidt. Together, Chris and Sue pledged to become a "kingdom covenant family" dedicated to preparing the way of the Lord in our generation.

During the Faith Christian Center tenure, Chris and Sue served the New England Christian education community through Bridgebuilder Ministry—dedicated to uniting the resources of Christian schools and home schools—as well as through Coastlands Consultants, the itinerant educational ministry of Pamela Jo Brady. They also promoted region-wide worship conferences featuring the artists early associated with Integrity Hosanna and the International Worship Institute.

Throughout this season, Chris' prophetic instructional writing ministry intensified, but remained hidden. In 1994, he was moved on by the Spirit to produce the treatise, The Transformation and the Anointing: Reconciling God's Two Great Works of Salvation in the Earth Today. This exhaustive biblical and historical study on the Holy Spirit exposits and reconciles all the major truths learned during the early wilderness sojourn, and contains a more detalied testimony of his own personal spiritual search.   

In 1997, Chris and Sue returned to Rhode Island to wait on the Lord and engage the secular world in anticipation of the Lord's next move among the "New Gentiles" of our day. They were early supporters of the Friends of the Bridegroom movement in Kansas City, being on hand for the 1999 inauguration of the International House of Prayer (IHOP).

In the time since, they have devoted themselves to the ministries of worship, prophetic writing and promotion of natural alternatives (expanded to include law and finance). The Andersons maintain their home as a "governmental worship outpost" for expanding the knowledge of the Lord in their area.

The prophetic circulation writing ministry begun in 1988 became released through the internet prophetic community in October 2001, eventuating in the development of this website in 2003. As of that year, the entirety of Chris and Sue's ministry crystallized under the name Anglemar Fellowship. They remain available to the body of Christ for imparting preparatory worship, teaching and prophetic ministry toward fostering the kingdom of God ahead of the Lord's return.

From 2006-2014, the Lord also led the Andersons to become active partners with the former ELHM, the worldwide Christian literature distribution ministry founded by Edwin L. Hodges of Decatur, Alabama. ELHM, now Love Packages, is dedicated to shipping donated Bibles and Christian literature free of charge to the needy believers in Christ overseas with little to no teaching materials. The Andersons encourage every North American believer to "empty their basements, closets, bookselves and attics of all unused Christian books to send to Love Packages."

Since 2008, First Love Ministry has also partially served as a virtual "community of faith" for outside-the-mainstream prophetic disciples who have been positively touched by this teaching ministry. The First Love Circle of Readers offers testimonial support to the truth released through this pen, mutual intercessory support among readers with serious life-impacting needs, and opportunities to donate to Circle members in need (see Want to Join the Circle?)

In all of these things however, Chris and Sue Anderson remain mindful of one thing, and can only say with Paul:

"But those things which were profit to me, I gave up for Christ. Yes truly, and I am ready to give up all things for the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, which is more than all: for whom I have undergone the loss of all things, and to me they are less than nothing, so that I may have Christ as my reward." Php. 3:8


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