First Love Ministry sends out articles and ministry news updates directly to those who request to be added to the list called the "First Love Readers Circle." Articles are released as the Lord inspires--on average every few weeks. The "Circle" is designed for those interested in a minimal level of discussion and fellowship in a more interactive setting and is especially beneficial for those still searching for satisfying relationship in a structured church.   

There are definite advantages to joining the First Love Readers Circle. First, you have access to my heart beat in real time. The articles on this website are often not published until days, weeks or sometimes months after they come out. In fact, some never make it to the web. By joining the Readers Circle, you will receive everything the Lord wants to impart through my spirit at the time it comes out.

Second, you have the opportunity to become part of a "virtual" Elijah-class prophetic community of faith. First Love has a unique ministry to aspiring prophetic disciples who often find themselves on a journey "outside the camp" of the mainstream church, with little avenue for like-hearted fellowship and conveyance of needs. On the Readers Circle I publish responses to articles, serious intercessory requests from readers to share with the Circle, and opportunities to donate to the needs of fellow prophetic disciples who find a common touch point with the truth released from this pen.

All discussion is posted at my discretion. You may also request me to keep a response confidential and it will not be posted. Private email addresses are not posted unless desired.


Alternatively, for those not interested in the more interactive Readers Circle but who would like to be informed when new articles are posted online, you may sign up for the "First Love Notification Circle." On this Circle you will receive an email with a link to any new articles posted. That's it!


Because of the vastness of spiritual perspectives in the body of Christ and the possibility for misunderstanding, I have attached a set of advisories below this invitation. Whether signing up for the Readers Circle or the Notification Circle, everyone should read the advisory on distinctive teachings.

For those interested in the Readers Circle, please also review the other applicable advisories. If after this and reviewing the site in general you sense a common bond and genuine readiness for greater fellowship in this brand of truth, please drop me an email to be added to the Readers Circle.

When writing to join the Readers Circle*, please give me just a glimpse into your spiritual journey in the Lord--where you have come from and where you are now. This is for my benefit only to better appreciate who you are in Christ, and will not be shared unless you wish me to. Also please let me know where you are writing from (general city or state / province / country is fine). This is so I can notify you of news or events in your area I believe may be of special interest to you, as well as to provide opportunities for fellowship between readers in nearby areas should any have desire for that.

(*Note: after one year, inactive respondents on the Readers Circle are transferred to the Notification Circle.) 

If at any time you sense the need to depart from either Circle, just send another email and you will be courteously removed. 

You can reach us at: littleflock@netzero.net



(Readers Circle only:)





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