Anglemar Fellowship is the name for a relational network whose common touchpoint is the life and ministry of our Living Lord Jesus Christ as expressed through the family of Chris and Sue Anderson of New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island. This family ministry is committed to promoting the knowledge of the Lord Jesus through worship, prophetic instruction and promotion of home-centered Christian life alternatives in education, medicine, law and finance. We have a special vision for serving the community of faith in the New England and Maritime Canadian regions of North America.

As an expression of the life of Christ, our desire is to keep our fellowship as reasonably pure as possible from the entrapments of religious organizational thinking. For this reason, Anglemar Fellowship remains household centered and unincorporated by any governmental agency. We remain committed to the church as a living organism in the earth, and foster structures of meeting and ministry that support the development of genuine relationship among believers.

We hold to the historic orthodox beliefs of the Christian faith (such as are found in the Apostle's Creed), while harnessing the present tense life and revelation of the Holy Spirit to them. In committing to discover fresh spiritual reality, we nevertheless reject spiritual lawlessness, including experientialism, isolated elitism, ungoverned revelationism and the promoting of esoteric knowledge that removes us from first love and simplicity in Christ. (For a digest of Chris Anderson's most foundational and other distinctive teachings please click here.)

Anglemar Fellowship interfaces with world legal and financial systems through the non-state created office of "First Undershepherd of Anglemar Fellowship and His Successors, A Corporation Sole". The First Undershepherd of Anglemar Fellowship AHS, ACS is recognized by the State of Nevada as a sovereign entity subject to the Ecclesiastical Law of Anglemar Fellowship (the Living Word of God through the Scriptures) and as capable of holding legal title to all property and assets in trust for the members of Anglemar Fellowship. Neither Anglemar Fellowship nor the First Undershepherd of Anglemar Fellowship AHS, ACS is indebted or reports to the State of Nevada or to the U.S. federal government.

Anglemar Fellowship is not a business, is not in commerce and does not make a profit like a business. We don't believe in merchandising the ministry of God, but do receive free-will offerings, as well as suggested donations in exchange for ministry materials and services. Believing that ministry donation is a matter of privacy between the donor, the ministry and the Lord, we don't issue tax-deductible receipts for donations by mail, though electronic receipts are automatically issued for online donations. (We discourage the use of these receipts for obtaining tax breaks.)

The complete website featuring the full range of Anglemar's ministries is still under construction. Eventually, you will be able to turn to specialty pages in the Christian fields of home education, natural medicine, alternative law and alternative means of developing debt-free financial increase that harmonize with God's Kingdom.


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