The Coming Salvation From The Works Of Collective Society



“Unto the Church in West Babylonia Write”

     Now, dear Relative in Christ, I turn to you with the word of the Lord.

     I write unto you because the storm clouds gather for the final battle of the age, and you are not ready. I write unto you because the day of threshing wheat from chaff is at hand and you are unable to stand. I write unto you because the way for salvation from the works of the world is opening and you are unable to enter in.

     And why are you unable to enter in? It is because you have embraced the works of fixed society as the work of God and are blinded by your brand of false kingdom teaching. You see yourself on the "cutting edge" of God's work1—you have built with your brick and mortar, you have garnered the favour of presidents and kings—but know not that you are wretched and miserable, poor and blind and naked.2

     You are blind to the gaps in your salvation from what God has already restored, gaps that must be filled if you are to have hope of surviving the coming scattering to enter into the last salvation:

     —You have rejected the word of the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom.3 You have rejected the word of judgment and repentance which is the beginning of the Gospel of salvation.4

     —Or you have rejected the word of the cross and of self-denial. You have rejected the Spirit's crucifixion of the works of the flesh in your soul.5 You have refused the baptism of fire6 into a deeper walk with God that would perfect your inward holiness and reveal the Father's all-captivating Presence to you.7

     —Or you have rejected the word of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and salvation from the powers of the carnal mind.8 You have rejected the gifts of the Spirit, redefining them to suit your unbelief. You have rejected the word of prophecy and the speaking in other tongues.9 You have rejected the word of faith for changing the here and now. You have rejected the word of supernatural healing through laying on of hands. You have rejected the word of deliverance from demons, which demons you are held captive to in your crass unbelief. You have rejected the supernatural though you profess faith in it.

     In all this you have sealed to yourself your blindness by closing your heart from those in the Church who have filled in the gaps of salvation that you have rejected.10  In hypocrisy you have cried "unity, unity,” castigating those who break rank with your unbelief to enter the salvation you have refused. It is you who are responsible for destroying the unity of the Spirit as you cast others out of your synagogues and houses.

     Shall you therefore enter into God's total salvation? Shall you be revealed as wheat? I say you shall not. Because you have beat your fellow servants and have eaten and drunk with the world,11 you shall be left to outer darkness and shall be trampled in the outer court.12

     I write unto you because you count yourself rich in Christ but know not you are poverty-struck. For you have squandered your riches in Christ on the booze of babylonian works in the name of the "kingdom of God.”

     You have devoured your inheritance in Christ with the spiritual harlotry of America's cities.13 Your soul is drunk14 on the cares and pleasures of Euro-American economy and culture.15 You are drunk on the false image of nostalgia over past "better days" in your imagined American Zion. 

     In the name of "evangelism" your heart is overcharged with the cares of this world16: political reform, economic reform, social reform. Instead of drawing men's hearts out of these issues, you magnify them and are yourself ensnared therein.

      You fight abortion, drug abuse, sexual perversion—as if you expected something better from nimrodian society. You fight unjust taxes (from which you have no right to exemption). You fight for "school prayer" (to an un-named god) as if the laws of human society could guarantee a freedom found only in the heart.

     Did Jesus any of these things? Or was His kingdom of this world after all?

     Do you really believe American society is the kingdom of God? Do you believe the Republican party is the mouthpiece of the Spirit? Do you really believe the U.S. Constitution is direct heir to the New Testament? Do you really believe your brick-and-mortar church buildings and schools sponsored by the American Dream are the repositories of the Shekinah Glory?

     If you say "yes" to any of these you are a fool. If you say "no" you are a greater fool because your actions make you a liar. For what slave fights for an enemy kingdom the way you fight for your "American rights"?17

     You are drunk on your "9-5" job in the name of "serving Christ.” You are a workaholic for Nimrod, pumping your Life back into the drive for globalization.

     You fear unemployment like the plague when it is your greatest ticket to salvation from the works of the world. You say you live by faith but your life shows you define prosperity by the Dow Jones Average and the price of gasoline.

     You define your obligations to God in terms of your commitments to collective society and then persecute the pioneers of the next salvation because they don't "contribute to society" nor "use their talents" to advance it. You persecute them for their "laziness" because they aren't employed by Babylon like you are and you cannot tell how God provides for them. You persecute them because they do not join in your frenzied drives to reform the evils of an evil society.

     You persecute them because they walk outside the confines of your brick-and-mortar religion and do not support your building drives with their "tithes and offerings.” You persecute them as "rebellious" because they refuse submission to the thread of human political authority (called "spiritual authority") that runs through every assembly tied to stone. You call them "cultic" because they are not afraid to disciple men outside the controlled bounds of your "spirit-filled" synagogues.

     As you do concerning those who fill the gaps of salvation you lack, so you speak evil of what you do not understand concerning the apostles of coming salvation.18 Their unpredictability which characterizes all who are born of the Spirit is an offense to you.19 Instead of ameliorating their afflictions,20  you turn away  angels  unawares21  and blaspheme the beginning of the Spirit's next work.22  You glorify the tombs of past pioneers—Luther, Wesley, Mueller—but are the children of their murderers.23

     Do you suppose therefore that with the few crumbs of salvation you have obtained you shall be counted worthy to escape the burning threshing to come and to stand before the Son on Man?24  I tell you, nay, but except for God's grace you shall not escape.

     Do you suppose your knowledge of the signs of the times shall deliver you from those times? I tell you, nay, your knowledge shall beat you with many stripes when at last you are found unprepared for the coming destruction of which you knew.25

     Do you think your hidden reserves of food and water, your private bomb shelters, or your gold and silver coins will save you? I tell you, nay, but because of your drunken unbelief26 toward God's last salvation, your physical preparations shall avail you nothing.27

     Do you think your knowledge of conspiracy theories—Freemasonry, international banking, the "Illuminati,” the Jesuits—will save you? I tell you, nay, it shall not. Do not say, "The Roman Catholics will support the new order but we will not." Do not say, "The `dead' ecumenical churches will yield to the false prophet but we will not." For I say unto you, Every "church" rooted in brick-and-mortar is a dead church, and every church married to American collective society will yield in that day. And in that day, those who cried loudest from their "tax-free" pulpits against the coming order will be found together with those who supported it. Yea, all who have lived in harlotry with American society will be cast into a bed of tribulation with her except they repent and abandon their fixed religion.28

     Nevertheless, I write unto you because there is yet hope. The spiritual pattern yet holds true. For as the apostles of new salvation have ever found mercy through the unbelief of their predecessors, so the unbelieving predecessors may find mercy through the apostles' mercy.29

     Yes. You have persecuted. You have blasphemed what you have not understood.30 You have lost much time toward the countdown unto threshing. But redeem the time31 you have lost if so be God is gracious32 to you and you yet have ears to hear.33 Heed the message while you can respond.34  Flee Babylon now while you may before the rake of threshing falls and your flight is forced upon you.35  By then your heart may be too heavy to hear36 and it will be too late to pray.37

     Deal with what chaff remains to you so that as final salvation dawns you may be revealed as wheat.38 Fill in the gaps of restored salvation you yet lack. If you lack the fear and sovereignty of God, enter into it! If you lack the abundant life of intimacy with God through self-denial, enter into it! If you lack the supernatural gifts of the Spirit through the baptism of the Spirit, move into them! For if you have not entered into what has already been restored, how will you enter into that which remains to be revealed?

     Now therefore, deal with your drunken affair with American society in the name of "advancing the kingdom, evangelism, salting society, taking dominion," and all such foolishness. It is time for you to watch for the exit sign over the door of your job, your social connections, and your institutionalized "church.”

     "But," you say, "What are you talking about? God called me to this ministry. God called me to this church. God called us to build all these buildings."

     Yes, and I believe you (though not most of you). I believe God called you to this or that ministry in the confines of Egypt. But you must realize that just because God has spoken a word is no guarantee that He has spoken His truest mind on the matter or that He even basically approves of the thing He has spoken.

    Throughout Scripture God has spoken unto men to accommodate their unbelief and concede to their weakness.39 Yet ultimately the way of God, not man, must prevail. The word that represents the way of God must overrule the word that accommodates man in his weakness and unbelief.

     Did not God say to Balaam, "Go with the men"?40  Yea, but first He had said, "Do not go."41   Did not the Law permit Old Israel to divorce their wives for every cause?42  Yea, but Jesus the Word Incarnate said, "From the beginning it was not so."43

    Therefore do not say to me, "See here! God's Law made Israel provision for a human king."44 For God told Samuel, "They have rejected Me in asking for a king."45 Do not say to me, "See here! God commissioned David and Solomon to build the temple."46 For God had first told David, "I need no temple."47 His word of "commission" was but a concession to the idea of a human king who himself should never have been.

  Divide the word of truth rightly!48 Do not use the concessionary word of God to nullify the perfect word of God. For what is good in His sight may not be acceptable, and what is acceptable in His sight may not be perfect. The good must one day yield to the acceptable, and the acceptable must yield to the perfect.49

     Therefore do not say to me, "But God told me to build this great `American' ministry." It could be God answered you according to the idol of your own pre-determined will.50 Do not use the word of concession to nullify the word of perfection and justify your unbelief. For I say unto you, "From the beginning it was not so." Jesus left no blueprints to His followers for the building of stone temples, whether or not He has conceded to your darkness and permitted you so to build. The Scripture says, "The time of this ignorance God winked at, but now commands men everywhere to repent."51

     Let us leave behind the stumblingblocks of fixed ministry and enter the fuller light of salvation from all the works of collective society. For once we are come to the revelation of greater faith, we are no longer under the schoolmaster of lesser faith.52 When confronted with higher faith, it becomes sin and unbelief for you to remain under the schoolmaster of lesser faith. And if you do, then it may be rightly said that God's word to you is your stumblingstone.53  

     Listen therefore. It is now time for you to abandon your babylonian based ministries and churches. It is time for you to abandon your quest to preserve "godly" American society. For the darkness is past and the true light now shines!54

     "But," you say, "How can you say that about America? Look at how God has blessed us! See what Christianity has done for America. We have made America the greatest nation on earth! We must preserve it. How can you tell us to flee what God has blessed through our devoted involvement?"

    To this I say, have you still never learned from history? Do you still not divide rightly the word of truth? For wherever God has blessed His People, at that site have they erected their altars to their blessings and ascribed the glory to human flesh.55 Wherever God's Presence goes by His Gospel, blessing is sure to follow. But does that permit the fornication of God's People with those blessings, or does that make the sinful recipients of that blessing "great" in God's eyes?56 "All flesh is grass... and the nations as a drop in the bucket."57

     America has served as the host land for the latest Restoration of God's People. Of course America has been blessed. But did that give you reason to fornicate by building to her glory a collective society, and is such blessing a result of your   having continued to support it?

     If you believe God has blessed America because His People built her, I ask you, how much more could He have blessed her had His People remained as mere sojourners in her midst rather than her builders? For through your fornication in building American society, you planted the seeds for its moral curses—curses which you now fight but can never root out and will at last force you out of it!

     Behold the blessings of King Solomon's babylonian empire! Was not he blessed? But his blessings mixed with his personal fornication with babylonian society led to his own moral ruin. And could his "blessed" empire sown on the backs of slave labour58 prevent reaping the civil war that followed?59 And could it then prevent its own ultimate enslavement to the babylonians it emulated?

     Therefore consider well you American babylonian Christians! Do you think your "Christian" empire built on the backs of slave labour will escape the same fate? Because by your blessings you erected a constitutional altar to Nimrod, your very blessings are become your cursings as you strive to climb the ladder of health and wealth to destruction.60  Behold after 200 years the moral ruin of your cities and of your children lost to the Gospel because of your "blessings.”

     But as for these "blessings" of which you speak, with respect to which of the races of red men you slaughtered or black men you suffocated on your slave ships has God blessed America? The "blessings" of abortion and third world rebellion are the fruit of the deeds of your fathers sown in the name of the Gospel which preaches "Love thy neighbour"61 and "Do unto others..."62

     All human nations are to be judged and destroyed.63 If America were not of the same evil root as all collective nations, why did prophecy doom her to destruction before she began? And how then do you justify trying to preserve that which God has destined to go up in smoke?

     Therefore I say unto you, do not use the incidental temporal blessings of God to deceive yourself in continuing your affair with a nation built like the nations—a nation built on the principles of him who was a murderer from the beginning!64 Open your blind eyes! If you want to be a true blessing to American society and to what remains of your children, flee it now while you can! Get out now before the door closes and locks on you, or before you are otherwise cast out with no preparation.

     Put off your religiously disguised excuses while you yet have hope of escape. For if you praise the Puritans who left their babylonian societies only to found a more deceptive one, why should you reject God's message that now calls you to forsake American society to fulfil the true calling? If you claim to be against the drive for world collectivization, then put your action where your mouth is! Develop mobility and prepare to get out and fulfil the Great Commission!

     "Now is the time," saith the Lord. "Now is the time, My people, that you forsake your ways and look to the end of all things.”

     God will not hold up His time clock for your disobedience.65 It is for you to decide now whether you will move out by faith   into salvation from the works of the world, or whether you will be steamrolled by the forces of tribulation into fleeing for your life or denying the faith. When that time arrives there will be no other alternatives.

     Now is the time to look for the exit sign over the door of your babylonian job, social ties, and brick-and-mortar church. Now is the time to learn how to fly with eagle's wings into the wilderness.66 What will you do when they say you can no longer buy and sell unless you take their mark? What will you do then? and where will your arguments be against those who left before you?67

     I challenge you now in the Name of the Lord to start entering into the final phase of salvation. Commit yourself now to learning a life of unattached mobility by faith. Consecrate yourself to depending on God for your family's and your own provisions through an economy based on giving.68 These things are not far-fetched reactionary ideas. They are simply the words of Jesus you never took seriously before! "Sell what you have and follow Me...Leave your father and mother and follow Me...leave your nets and follow Me."69 

     This is not a message for you to obey after the flesh. It is not for you to take actions on this message based in your own understanding.70 It is for you to commit yourself to the working out of this message into the fabric of your salvation through obedience to the Spirit.71 Not until the righteousness of its requirements is knit into your being by the Spirit are you free from its requirements!72 

     Salvation by grace from all human works is a total package. Its phases are not optional. What we refuse to grow into the easier way, God must prick us into by tribulation. And if we refuse to grow even then, then we are not His.73

     This is a hard message. It is an offensive message. (The preaching of the complete cross is always an offense.) Therefore, cooperate with the Spirit of God now. Let Him lead you into the complete obedience of this salvation. He will show you what, where, when, and how to give things up and break ties with your fixed society. He does not expect you to carry this obedience out in your own strength. But continue no longer in your vain search for excuses to keep your job and other ties to the American Dream. Start looking for reasons to give them up to follow Christ outside the camp. Quit justifying why you stay where you are and start justifying why you should leave for some other place on earth to fulfil the Great Commission.

     The forsaking of babylonianism is never easy. But forsaking it is easier than bearing the consequences when it turns on us to destroy us. If you do not make these decisions for yourself now on terms you can control, men will make them for you under circumstances you cannot control.

     "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise instruction."74

     Do you fear the Lord or are you a fool? If you fear the Lord, then stop saying in your heart, "My Lord delayeth His coming"75 and "Since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning."76 Change your attitude. Otherwise wisdom will say to you,

     "Because I called and you refused... I will mock when your calamity comes."77

     "Now is the time. Behold, now is the day of salvation."78 

     "For here we have no continuing city."79

     "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches in West Babylonia.” 80





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