"Shall I not have two witnesses in this day says the Lord? Shall I not have that which is established according to my Word? For My Word declares that everything shall be confirmed by the mouth of two or three witnesses. (Deut. 17:6, Matt. 18:16). Therefore shall I conform to that which I have written. Who are these two witnesses? Are they not the ones that you read about in the book of Zechariah (4:1-14) and in the book of Revelation (11:1-12)? Were there not two olive trees and two candlesticks (Rev. 11:4)? I say, this is a mystery which has been hid, but is now to be made mani­fest. For I will bring forth those like [ ] the olive trees, and I will also bring forth those who shall be as the candle­sticks. For this is that which has been reserved for this end-time, as I prepare to do that work which will bring to a consummation all that has been in preparation for many ages.


Shall I not now reveal it to you says the Lord? Shall I not now show you that which has been hidden in the counsels of your God? Surely I will. You shall consider, says the Lord, that from one perspective the olive tree is a symbol of Israel after the flesh (Rom. 11:17, 24). Even so, in its first application, the two olive trees are a type of two men who are Israelites by race but also Christians by grace. Who are these two men says the Lord?


Again I say, is it not written that all things shall be established at the mouth of two or three witnesses? What is it, says your God, that must be established in this end-time before this age of grace comes to a close? Is it not that the work which was accomplished on the cross was truly a fini­shed work, providing a complete liberation from all the effects of sin? Must I not demonstrate beyond a shadow of doubt that death was fully abolished when the Son of God died on the cross? You shall behold the pattern. When the nation of Israel was delivered from Egypt by the blood of the passover lamb, a quick and easy access was made avail­able into the promised land. All the people had to do was believe that all things had been made ready and that I would surely drive out the enemy and give them a land flowing with milk and honey. But did they believe? Did they enter in and possess their inheritance? I say not! They rebelled in their hearts and turned back, refusing to possess that which had been made available. But were there not two who did fully believe? Were there not two who did not receive the sentence which fell upon the others? Joshua and Caleb did not die in the wilderness as the others. They continued to live throughout the wilderness journey, and after forty years of testing and proving they entered into their promised In­heritance. Does this not show says the Lord that I am able to preserve those who fully put their trust in me?


 You shall behold now the fulfillment of this pattern. Was not the Passover lamb slain when Jesus died on the cross? Was not deliverance provided from the bondage of sin and death? Was not the way opened into the promised land for all who would fully believe? What was that promised land which I made available when Jesus died on the Cross? Was it not an entrance into life without the experience of death? Was I not then ready to grant Immortality to those who would fully believe my Word? Was I not ready to give not only life to the soul but also Immortality to the physical body? I say, the pattern was true and was fulfilled in that genera­tion which received the good news of the Kingdom of God. For I did lead a people out of bondage, and I was ready to grant to them life and Immortality so that they would never see death, no not even for the physical body. But true to the pattern there was a failure to fully believe that which had been provided; a failure to fully appropriate the promised land of deathless Immortality then available. For the wilder­ness was a type of this world, and as the children of Israel died in the wilderness because of unbelief, so have the people of this world continued to die ever since the genera­tion to which Jesus came refused to fully enter into all that was provided when He died on the cross. For more than nine­teen hundred years has the church been in the wilderness of testing and proving, and the carcasses of all have fallen in the wilderness. All, that is, except two who fully believed and who received their promised inheritance. These two shall come forth in this last day to give undisputable testimony to the fact that death was abolished when the price was fully paid on the cross. For these two witnesses have been living on the earth for over nineteen hundred years, hidden away until the time appointed them in this end-time.


Who are these two witnesses says the Lord? Was it not spoken of one that he would tarry until the Lord would come? (John 21:22, see also Mark 9:1). And did not the disciples understand what Jesus meant and publish the same? (John 21:23). The fact that John himself understood not the full meaning of the words; no, not even when he wrote the record, does not change the fact that they were spoken. But he did fully understand later; and he did fully enter into that which was required of him, that he might remain on the earth to give testimony to the truth.


Who is the other witness says the Lord? Is it not even that one of whom it was spoken ‘Lazarus come forth?’ For Lazarus was fully liberated in that hour when the momentous words were spoken 'Loose him and let him go!'(John 11:44). Those words were spoken, not just from the perspective of that moment and the loosing of that which was wrapped around his physical body, but from the perspective of the divine consciousness and the divine purpose which was in store for him. He came forth to live without the experience of death, for he understood and believed in life forever more once he had been fully instructed in that which was his right­ful Inheritance. So you see, my people, I cannot be thwart­ed in my purpose to demonstrate that which is true. I will show forth the immutability of my Word in this last day, and none shall be able to stand against that which I will do. For I will bring forth those I have kept hidden and they shall speak forth my Word with power.


And now consider the second application of the two olive trees. It is a further mystery, but now to be revealed. Does not the olive tree provide the oil for the lamps? The lamps could not be lit without the oil which flows through the golden pipes. Even so does this show, says the Lord, that there are those which must precede others. There are those who must first receive the anointing of my Spirit that they may in turn channel it to others. Who are these two olive trees? I say to you, the two olive trees represent two anointed companies which must come forth first. These are the two anointed ones which stand before the Lord of the whole earth. (Zech. 4:14). They are the first-fruits of that which shall later come forth in the two lamp-stands or candlesticks. One shall stand on the right and one on the left. The anointed company that stands on the right shall come forth in power at the very beginning of the tribulation. For the right stands for that which is active and predominant, while the left stands for that which is recessive and second­ary. Therefore the right shall come forth first. For I am now anointing a first-fruits company which shall come forth in power at the very beginning of the tribulation period, and then shall follow very shortly the second anointed company which shall come forth in power after the tribulation period has begun. For the one shall precede the other even as the right takes precedence over the left.


Now consider further says the Lord. That which is on the right shall manifest as a first-fruits on the earth after a sheaf has been received into the heavenlies. And then shall follow that which is on the left. The left stands primarily for that earthly and physical portion of my people, even the seed of Abraham. For out of that people known as the Jews shall 144,000 be converted as a first-fruits of that which shall come forth during the tribulation. For during the trib­ulation period there shall be many of the physical seed of Abraham who shall turn unto the Lord and become a mighty witness to my truth. After 144,000 Jews have been sealed and anointed as the olive tree on the left, then shall I begin to move by my spirit to bring forth the candlestick on the left. For the oil of my anointing shall flow through those that are sealed and they shall be used of me to light a flame amongst their own people. Then shall come into being the candlestick on the left as a spirit-filled body of called-out ones from that which shall shine brightly during the tribula­tion. For they shall receive the power and anointing which was first upon the sealed ones, even the fruit of the olive tree, and it shall cause that which is symbolized by the can­dlestick to light up and burn brightly as others are turned to the Lord.


And now consider further says the Lord. As the left stands for my physical people, so does the right stand for the spiritual seed of Abraham. For verily I say to you; the olive tree which is on the right represents a first-fruits com­pany that is to receive the anointing to do a work among the peoples of Christendom. I will cause the oil of my anoint­ing to flow upon those who are now entering first into that which I am doing. Those who are entering into that which I am making known at the present time shall receive my anointing of power at the very beginning of the tribulation, and they shall be used mightily by me to cause that which is to light up as the candlestick on the right to come forth. For that which I shall do through them shall cause a mighty re­vival to take place among the Christian nations; and a mighty witness shall be raised in the nations of Christendom as the anointing flows from the olive tree on the right to the candlestick of my choosing. From the nominal church world of today I will call out that which will burn brightly during the tribulation days. Therefore you shall notice, says the Lord, that my plan is progressive. First, I prepare those who are to bear the anointing as the olive trees, and then through them shall I bring into being those who are to make up the candlesticks.


Now consider, says the Lord, that which you read in Revelation Chapter 11. Does it not say that my witnesses shall be clothed in sackcloth? And does not this portray that condition of humility and contriteness before me that will enable me to use them in a mighty way? It indicates their voluntary humiliation and renouncing of every selfish desire and way, making themselves completely available to me for whatever I will use them for. For those I use will have come to a place of complete brokenness before me. They will de­sire nothing but to do my will. They will aspire to nothing in this world, but will be willing to renounce everything for the sake of the gospel. Many will give up houses, lands, business, friends and relatives that they might follow me all the way in that which I will show them.


You shall also notice, says the Lord, the mighty works which will be done by my witnesses. (Rev. 11:6). This refers primarily to that which will be accomplished through espec­ially chosen ones, for not all shall be used in the same way. But all shall have my complete protection, for none shall be able to do them harm even though they shall be persecuted. The ministry of John and Lazarus will be the greatest, for to them is the first and primary application of that which you read in Revelation Chapter 11. But others will also be used mightily by me, and great signs and wonders shall be accomplished In My Name. Especially shall those who have entered into Immortality in human flesh be used in a measure that is not given to others. Most of those who have entered in first, as a first-fruits, to receive the initial anointing portrayed by the olive trees and their fruit, will be used in a greater mea­sure than those who enter in later and become the two can­dlesticks. Although I have sought to show by specific analogy the various ones who shall be a part of my end-time wit­nesses, yet there shall be a unity and oneness among all. For they shall all be a part of that end-time BODY which shall be joined together for my glory.


There is one final factor which I would have you con­sider. Is it not written that the witnesses laid down their lives at the close of their period of testimony? (Rev. 11:7). I say, this will be first and primarily fulfilled in John and Lazarus. For after living without death working in their phy­sical bodies for many hundreds of years, they will finally be required to make that supreme sacrifice which is the lot of those who have been chosen to enter into a greater glory. But there shall also be others who shall make that supreme sacrifice. For if they would enter into that which has been prepared for those who shall be crowned with the martyr's crown, they must be willing to follow the pattern of the Son of God when He was on the earth. He gave His all even to death. So shall there be many who shall follow in His steps even in this end-time, and willingly give up their lives that they may receive that portion reserved for them.


Were not the two witnesses called up into the heavenly realms after their bodies had been dead for three and one-half days? (Rev. 11:11-12). Even so shall John and Lazarus HEAD that great event known as the resurrection of the dead in Christ as their bodies are given life and Glorified. (I Thess. 4:13-18). Immediately following shall a great host be in­stantly changed, in the twinkling of an eye, as all those who have been prepared by me and who have finished their course are caught up to be with the Lord. (I Cor. 15:51-54). Thus shall that glorious church, which has been the object and goal of this entire dispensation, be completed and joined with the Lord in the heavenlies. And so shall they ever be with the Lord."


(End of prophecy)